About Our Company

Our Inspiration


 “Our mission is inspired by the memorable food experiences we all grew up with. The journey began from having that old school kueh that took 10 hours to make from scratch. Savouring the most delicious, handmade pineapple tarts from your friend’s secret family recipe. Reliving the kampong spirit of heading over to your neighbour’s for dinner when mum’s not cooking.”

Moola Cakes began selling their homemade Pandan Chiffon Cake in 2015 to relatives and friends. The beginning was tough. There was an absence of niche online communities to market their cakes. They invested a fair bit of time, money and effort to market the products online but achieved little results. When their business gained traction, they suffered from a lack of product range and variety, and the ability to fulfil demand for islandwide delivery…


While visiting one day, their friends enjoyed some of Moola Cakes wonderful Pandan Chiffon Cake. It brought back childhood memories they had for the comforts of homemade food. The smell and taste of all natural ingredients, devoid of artificial colourings and preservatives. Made by hand, with patience and 100% love! This might be lacking in today’s commercial offerings. Tasting that cake was an epiphany.


The idea for Hcook was thus born. A community created for home chefs. A place to explore and experience delicious, homemade food. It would be a place to reconnect with those in your neigbourhood, a place from where one can enjoy food made with love, a place where you can taste the flavours of home, from wherever you may be.



For your safety

Hcook take safety and proper conduct extremely seriously. All of our chefs are required to be familiar with HDB/URA’s Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme and NEA’s Good Food Hygiene Tips. We provide relevant information for upgrading our chefs in the Basic Food Hygiene Course and the Food and Beverage Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). We also conduct regular hygiene audit on our chefs’ kitchens. Our community self regulates through reviews, and we immediately freeze any chefs in instances where complaints are filed by the community.


Our Team 

Our founders have a combined corporate experience of over 25 years and brings with them a diverse background in Legal, Finance and Marketing. They have tried their hands in a series of start ups; the last being a thriving home bakery business! They are deeply interested in disruptive innovation and how they can harnessed this to empower people. These experiences have paid off in making Hcook as successful as it is, showing them what works and what needs to be improved in feeding the World a superior diet through meal sharing.